Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Roberto Sendoya Escobar

(Phillip Witcomb)


Roberto Sendoya Escobar was born in a village on the outskirts of Bogota city, Colombia South America on the 2nd of August 1965. His Birth was registered with the Roman Catholic church of Nuestra Senora de Lourdes, in the district of the Chapinero, Bogota city, on the 11th of December 1965. (Book no: 36, Folio no: 187, No: 377) He was baptised Roberto by the priest, Father Hugo Londono, on the 21st of September 1965. The entry into the record books of the Roman Catholic Church also confirms the names of Roberto’s birth mother and father as, mother: Maria Luisa Sendoya and father: Pablo Escobar. The father was not present at the baptism.



The adoption of the little boy baptised Roberto was also registered on the same day, the 11th of December 1965, in the book of civil registers in Bogota Colombia. The entry states his birth date was 2nd of August 1965, and that his name was changed from Roberto Sendoya Escobar to Phillip Charles Robert Witcomb. Confirmation of his new adopted parents’ names are also registered as Patrick Phillip Charles Witcomb and Joan Blanche Mason. (British citizens of the United Kingdom) Registered witnesses on the Birth and adoption certificates are named as, Gregorio Bautista, and Carlos Escobar. The documents are signed by the 3rd Notary of Bogota Jorge Mendoza Plazas. (11th December 1965)


Identity change

In a further attempt to conceal Roberto’s true heritage, there is a further entry into the records in August of 1974 at the 3rd Notary of Bogota. This entry confirms that the lawyer Mr Carlos Echeverri, and two witnesses, Gregorio Bautista, and Carlos Escobar, representing the Little boy now named Phillip Charles Robert Witcomb, had reregistered notarised copies of the original birth and adoption certificates document (escritura) with the birth date of the boy born Roberto changed to 1962.


British Nationality

Under the British nationality act of 1948 (register of  minors as  Citizens of the United Kingdom) Registration number: 29087 home office No: W.91696

Phillip Charles Robert Witcomb of 31 Chadbrook Crest, Brook Road, Birmingham. 15, was registered as Citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies, and granted a full British passport.



Although at the time a resident and national of Colombia, Phillips’ adoption to British nationals granted him dual nationality with Colombia and the United Kingdom and full residential status in the United Kingdom.




1969 / 1971

Anglo Colombian School, Bogota Colombia.

First official document on education is a school report from the Anglo Colombian school in Bogota Colombia. The school report is dated 1970/71 year. Folio 548 of the school’s record books. (The school year spans the calendar year change). On the front cover the name of the student is given as Phillip Charles Robert Witcomb, and the age is listed as 5 years and 8 months. Number in class 36. This corroborates other documents confirming the true year of birth as having been 1965. This was Phillip's last year at the Anglo Colombian School.


1971 / 1975

St high’s Preparatory School, Carswell Manor, Farringdon, Oxfordshire. United Kingdom.

First experience of attending an English boarding school. It was here that Phillip was introduced to the great game of Rugby. The school was a boys only school at the time he joined. During his last year there, the school had started to experiment with the possibility of becoming a coeducational school, as it is today.


1975 / 1980

Lucton School, Leominster, Herefordshire. United Kingdom.

Here Phillip received a fully rounded education, not only in the national academic curriculum, but also in the art of survival 9,500 miles from home.

Grades achieved. 6 ‘0’ levels 2 ‘A’ levels



Whilst attending Lucton school, Phillip also attended, twice a week, the artist’s studios of R.P.Reynolds (descendant of Sir Joshua Reynolds, founding president of the Royal Academy of arts in London.)

As an artist’s apprentice in Reynold’s studio, Phillip learned the oil on canvas techniques and methods of view painting in the traditional style.


1980 / 1981

City and Guilds of London Art School, Kennington park Road, Kennington, London. United Kingdom.

Here Phillip studied a foundation course in fine art under the tutelage of Sir Roger De Grey RA. 

From 1984 to 1993 Sir Roger served as President of the Royal academy of Arts in London.

Grade achieved. City and Guilds diploma in Fine Art.


1981 /1983

Epsom School of Art and Design / Now UCA (university College for the creative arts) Epsom, Surrey. United Kingdom.

Here Phillip studied visual communication design in what was originally a 3-year BA (hons) degree course. Due to a change in the curriculum, this induction year was the last of the 3-year BA courses at Epsom and was condensed in to two years.

Grade achieved. Degree in Visual Communication Design. As Phillip opted for the 2 year (sandwich course) without specialising, he was only able to achieve the BA without the (hons)


List of Exhibitions



Hotel Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Still Life, abstract landscapes, watercolours.



Ashley Park Hotel,Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. United Kingdom.

Wildlife portraits, landscapes, watercolours.



Ashley Park hotel, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. United Kingdom.

Wildlife portraits, landscapes, watercolours.



Hotel Sotogrande, Costa del Sol, Spain.

Watercolour landscapes.



The Mall Galleries, ST James’s London. United Kingdom.

South American wildlife in watercolour



The River house Gallery, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. United Kingdom.

Wildlife portraits, landscapes, still life, watercolour, and pastel.



The Robert Phillips Gallery, Walton-on-Thames Surrey. United Kingdom.

Landscapes in pastel and watercolours.



Watts Gallery, Compton, Guildford, Surrey. United Kingdom.

Traditional view paintings, landscapes. Oil on canvas.




Ajuntamiento de Santanyi. Mallorca, Spain.

Traditional view paintings, landscapes. Oil on canvas.



Ajuntamiento de Santanyi, Mallorca. Spain.

Traditional view paintings, landscapes. Oil on canvas.



Hotel Playamondrago, Santanyi, Mallorca, Spain.

Traditional view paintings, Landscapes. Oil on canvas.



Hotel Playamondrago, Santanyi, Mallorca. Spain.

Traditional view paintings, Landscapes. Oil on canvas.



Hotel Playamondrago, Santanyi, Mallorca. Spain.

Traditional view paintings, Landscapes. Oil on canvas.


06 / 08 / 2020

Publication of first book.

Autobiographical thriller / memoirs



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