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In the heart of his studio, on the island paradise of Mallorca, is where he finds solace and inspiration for his work.

Phillip is the last disciple of the renowned Reynolds family; a generation of artists lead by sir Joshua Reynolds the founding president of the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

The last member of this important lineage was R.P.Reynolds, and it was directly from him that Phillip learned the secrets and perfected many of the techniques used by some of the great masters such as the venetian ‘Canaletto’.  Phillip learned how to mix and use the special glazes to create a unique and vibrant colour that captures the spirit of those great masters in his own style.

His unique and rare paintings are in some small way a respectful homage to those great painters of the art world. It is thanks to artists like Phillip that we can appreciate the legacy of those subtle strokes of wisdom and sensitivity.

Phillip has exhibited in numerous countries and his paintings are held in many important private collections.  In his current available collection, there are views of castles, marinas and many well-known landscapes from different corners of the world, all exquisitely and faithfully painted. 

In his studio, Phillip adds individual pigments of paint to his work often aided using a magnifying glass so as not to leave anything to chance.

Phillip clearly shows us his deep love for the beauty of nature, and particularly that of the beautiful island paradise of Mallorca,  His magnificent canvases have most certainly delighted many, and will take you back  to the past, a time of art in its purest form.








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